People are multidimensional.
Hiring the right talent should be too

Hire & keep the best dev talent with the DeepMatch interactive slider to match hard & soft skills, personality and preferences

Interactive slider to match Hard Skills


Join the best companies


Cut through the pile straight to the best talent

Prioritized according to how their hard & soft Skills, personality, culture and preferences match your team needs.
Leverage deep Al & interactive technology to continuously build and optimize your off-shore dev teams.

Deep matching™
for cross - cultures tech teams


10,000 dimensions profile a real human to a real job. Only deep Al technology can take all this into account to match the right person’s soft & hard skills, traits & preferences to the team’s culture and needs.


Pre-hire, multi-dimensional machine-learning technology prioritizes the talent most likely to succeed. Post-hire, Atalef flags opportunities & warning signs to prompt pre-emptive, productive dialog that smooth inevitable challenges and optimize team success.


Continuous , fully-automated micro-surveys prompt cross- culture dialog to clarify important facts & preferences from the hiring process as an invaluable dimension to the ongoing work relationship between hirer & developer.

Dissolving the barriers to grow global tech teams

Fully Automated

Interaction until you're ready to meet with just the best DeepMatches

Relocation Services

Because sometimes it’s just better for everyone to be close. But it can sometimes be tricky

Unique Referral Program

Lures long-lasting talent from around the world

Bridging Cultures

asking the right questions, for local issues, in the right tone... can make all the difference

Global Processes

Simplified to smooth the bureaucratic path for talent & recruiter

Hire & keep the best dev talent

With the DeepMatch interactive slider to match hard & soft skills, personality and preferences