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Welcome to our cutting-edge marketplace and SaaS platform designed to revolutionize the way software developers and corporate hiring teams connect. Our platform is meticulously crafted to streamline the job search process for developers and ensure hiring managers find the perfect match for their open positions.

Unlike traditional approaches, we transcend the limitations of conventional CVs. Our platform leverages a sophisticated matching system that focuses exclusively on hard skills and soft skills, facilitating precise alignments between candidates and job descriptions. Through extensive market research, we’ve curated job-specific presets, each comprising a detailed skills tree. This innovative feature empowers both candidates and hiring managers to articulate and comprehend the most accurate candidate and vacancy descriptions.

With over 3000 skills at our disposal, we offer a vast array of possibilities for creating optimal matches. Our intelligent matching algorithm goes beyond skills alone, incorporating essential factors such as geographical location, education, salary, employment type, segment, and domain. To assess soft skills, we employ a graphical test that gauges personality traits, ensuring a holistic match between candidates and roles.

In recognizing the potential for misinformation, our platform employs a trade-off mechanism that safeguards against false claims. Candidates are prompted to specify their proficiency levels within each skill, preventing exaggerated claims of expertise. For instance, a software developer must articulate their proficiency in various programming languages, providing transparency and reliability in skill assessment. This trade-off algorithm ensures a fair and accurate representation of each candidate’s capabilities.

Discover a new era in talent acquisition with our platform – where precision, transparency, and innovation converge to redefine the hiring landscape.

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