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People aren't 2D. Neither are jobs.
It makes no sense for CVs to be 2D either

Atalef is a fully automated interaction that leverages deep predictive technology to ensure that your skills, traits and preferences deeply match the hiring company and team. It automatically optimizes your profile for every position, overcomes cultural gaps for global teams and facilitates ongoing easy communication during and beyond the recruiting process.

Hyper Targeted Profile

Our DeepMatch engine automatically adapts your profile to answer the unique needs of every position’s hard & soft skills, traits and preferences

Career Success

Every job is a strategic step in your career ladder. Be attractive to the best global companies. Leverage DeepMatch % match to be confident that your next job is the right one.

Know Your Recruiter

Leverage the interactive DeepMatch slider to be sure your skills and preferences fit the company before you start, and throughout your work.

Work with the best global companies

Bring Friends. Make Money

Atalef is the only recruitment pla tform that shares profits with Talent. We appreciate that the best new talent comes from current talent.

We pay you real cash to bring your friends to Atalef

When they get a job, you get paid 10% of their salary, every month

We pay you real cash to bring your friends to Atalef

Imagine, you bring 10 friends who get jobs — that’s another whole salary!

Relocation as a Service - RaaS

We have leveraged our extensive expertise in global team building to provide facilitated relocation services for our customers who decide that it’s just better for everyone to be close.



Loving support

Landing your dream job is just the beginning

Atalef is the only talent platform that pays you real cash to bring friends.